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All-Terrain Rover Rod "Big Wheel"

item #: 5125-056
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All-Terrain Rover Rod "Big Wheel"

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    Ideal for RTK continuous profiling, this accessory keeps the rover rod on the surface you are measuring The #5125-056 is great for when you need good elevations on jobs including topos, ag fields, volume surveys, site prep, and GIS. Let the Big Wheel carry the weight of all your GPS equipment. The handle allows you to track a straight line, turn sharp corners, and get over obstacles. It has a 20-inch diameter, non-pneumatic, microcellular urethane wheel for a smooth, maintenance-free, ride. The wheel and section are the exact length of the bottom section of any of SECO’s popular 2-meter, two-piece, rover rods. Use yours or order the top section only. Use a standard SECO bipod when you need to ‘park it’ or plumb up for a more accurate Shot®. Weighs 3.8 lb (1.72 kg)