The past decade has given us many ups and downs.  If you feel like me, there have been many more "downs" than "ups." President Obama seemed to have a plan for national improvement of the infrastructure.  Why have things changed so little in the Pacific Northwest?  Small Surveying firms have almost been obliterated in the territories that they once provided their services to.  Local crews are scrambling for jobs where profits never really seem to outweigh expenses.  Large corporations are able to profit while being thousands of miles from the scope of work. Understanding your status may result in more local awards of these federally funded projects. ESB (emerging small business), Minority owned, Small business, Veteran status, Disabled Veteran, HUB zone, to name a few.

If you do not fully understand these categories or are not certified, maybe we can help. We must all pull together in these difficult times.

This blog is written to analyze points of view of professionals and technicians in the surveying field. Lets get together and find a solution to get us all working and doing what we love.